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Courses include Business Italian, exam preparation courses. 

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“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.”

Italian Courses
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Our experts cover all aspects of the Italian language: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Click to find out more.



Our experts are qualified to teach both lower and upper intermediate levels. Check out our courses. Click to find out more.



Our courses cover both grammar and knowledge  to ensure you get the best our of your learning. Click to find out more.

While you learn the language, you will also explore the history, culture and contemporary events of Italy.
Vittoria Telo
Founder, Principal
Relaxed & Friendly

Italian for learners by experts

All our teachers are native Italians who have also lived many years abroad. We all speak at least two foreign languages and we are therefore aware of what it takes to  become proficient in another language, the excitement of making progress and of the importance of having a qualified and experienced teacher to guide you on this journey of discovery. 


Relaxed & Friendly

Our courses Are Tailored To Suit You

Italian Courses for Examinations

Studying GCSE or A Level Italian? We have a  range of resources and senior experts to prepare you for these examinations. 

Business Italian

Are you currently working for a company where speaking Italian is an advantage? We have experienced and qualified native experts to help you succeed in your profession.

Italian for Children

We offer group lessons for children aged 5-7 years old and 8-10 years old. Our qualified teachers design and deliver engaging and interactive sessions that are perfect for young learners.  

Italian for Holidays

Do you wish to improve your Italian for a holiday? Check out our introductory courses which are designed to help you improve your conversational skills.  

Italian for Opera Lovers

Perhaps you have a deep appreciation for Italian art and music? This unique course is delivered by an expert in Italian Opera. 

Study While Visiting Italy

Want to enhance your learning progress? We can offer a real opportunity to practice the language in Italy! 

Experienced Professionals

We have been delivering Italian courses and training for 20 years.

Focused Lessons

We offer courses that suit your schedule and your learning objectives. 


What Our Students Say About Us

“My parents are Italian but I was born in London. I spoke Italian in the house so I decided to take my GCSE's and A Levels in Italian. For this, I needed to study privately. Thanks to you, I am studying at a university In Bologna!”
Francesca B.
“I received so much support when preparing for my A Level Italian. I went into my exam feeling confident and prepared!"
Katy H.
I study Italian here but I wanted to spend my holidays at an Italian campus. Rome was amazing !”
Mike S.
“I am a fashion design student in London. I plan on taking a gap year to study in Milan. Thanks to my teacher, I can now apply for an Internship as well. It would have been impossible without her.”
Rachel L.

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