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Italian Language Standard Courses

What you can expect from these courses is a sound foundation in all aspects of the Italian language in all the 4 skills: Speaking. Listening. Reading. Writing and, of course, grammar knowledge and understanding. Courses are at the following levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Students are assessed during an interview and with a grammar test before being offered a place on a course, unless they are real beginners. The syllabus for each course will follow shortly.

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Italian Courses for Examinations

Beginner, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

The most common examinations here in the UK for MFL are Italian GCSE and Italian A levels. 

There are two main examination boards: Edexcel and AQA. Our teachers in charge of courses preparing for any of the exam offered by the two boards have successfully prepared student since 2000. Our senior teacher is also regularly carrying out the oral examinations for a few local secondary language schools. We have an extensive bank of resources and past exam papers we practice on as well as the resources our teacher prepare for you.  

If you are studying for a GCSE or A Levels exam, you can either opt for a small group weekly course (usually in the later afternoon or Saturday mornings) or for one -to-one individual attention to reinforce the aspects of the language you feel need most help with. 

January 2022 timetable: GCSE Fridays 5pm to 7pm; A Levels Saturdays 9am to 11 am

Business Italian

Beginner, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

Maybe you have landed your dream job somewhere in sunny Italy or you currently working for a company where speaking Italian is an advantage.  Maybe you have studied some Business Italian but now need to formalize and certify your studies and know exactly what level you can aim at. 

The teachers in charge of our Italian for Business Courses are both qualified and experienced to deliver content specifically geared to the working environment and, of course, are native Italians. We feel that this type of training is better delivered one to one to maximize the time that busy professionals have to study. 

Having said this, we are happy to discuss your schedule either at your office or at our premises. We can invoice the company if this is part of their personnel/ workforce training.  

January2022  timetableFlexible- to suit your needs.

Italian for Children

Beginner, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

Older children are offered one-to-one lessons. Please note this is subjected to change as we are looking into increasing our timetable.  In any case, our teachers are qualified to teach the age group they are in charge of. Teachers design content-appropriate curricula, we have a course book and we assign homework and follow up activities appropriate to the age of the students. 

These courses work best if one or both parents speak Italian because we like to involve the whole family in the activities we send home, nonetheless the courses are also effective  for children who are not exposed to the use of Italian at home since we will assign more interactive activities to bridge this gap. 

January2022  timetableFriday 4pm to 5pm (5 to 7yr old) and 5pm to 6,30pm for 8 to 10 yr old

Italian for Holidays

Beginner, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

Maybe you are thinking about organizing your first or next holiday to Italy and you wish to feel a bit more independent when ordering food, asking for directions or maybe you are considering attempting a short conversation with your hosts? Maybe you are just looking for a ‘taster’ of the language?  

Then our introductory courses, ranging from 8 to 12 weekly appointments, are for you. At the end of the course, you can decide to enrol on one of our longer courses (12 weeks to 24 weeks) and take your newly acquired learning a step further. Pre and post course assessment is included in the course price as well as the course materials/books (as appropriate). 

January 2022  timetableMondays 1pm to 3pm or Thursdays 6pm to 8pm

Italian for Opera Lovers

Beginner, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

Whether you are an expert in the field or simply wish to enjoy more fully the spell binding beauty of these works of Art, you may have wondered if understanding the ‘libretto ’ could add to the enjoyment of the musical experience. If the answer is yes, join us for a ‘one-off’ session or subscribe to one of our ‘Incontri Musicali’ series. 

Each ‘incontro’ is delivered by an expert in Italian Opera. Please note that these cultural events are delivered completely on line from Rome! Guest questions are allowed 

March 2022 timetable: TBD

Study While Visiting Italy

Beginner, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

Once you have started or completed a course with us, you will have the possibility to continue or to enhance your language progress by visiting Italy with your teacher to practice the language in real situation whilst also enjoying a well-deserved holiday!  We will organize a round-trip from start to finish, including flights, hotel stay, excursions/cultural activities and course! You only have to make sure your passport and travel items are ready!  

Currently we offer ‘vacanze studio’ only in the following cities: Venice, Bologna, Rome and Catania. Please note:  the new timetable will start only from September 2020 due to the current restrictions to travelling to Italy from non-EU countries, although we are constantly monitoring the situation for further developments.   

Summer 2022 timetable: TBD


Adult Courses (all levels) 2h a week = £80 a month, 4h a week= £150 a month 

Children Courses (all levels) =£60 a month term time only  

Italian for business (1-2-1 sessions) £35 per h or £60 per 2 h taken in the same session (no ½ possible, sorry)  

GCSE tuition £25 per hour/ 40 per 2 h /Group sessions £35 for the 32 h  

A Level tuition £25 per hour/ 40 per 2 h /Group sessions £35 for the 32 h  

Italian for opera Lovers £25 per each meeting, discount if the whole season is booked. Please enquire  

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