Resolutions Are Not Only For The New Year

Cari lettori/ Dear Readers

Now that June has officially started and the the long Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday is nearing its end, if you are looking outside the window today and at the weather forecast for the next few days here in London, you may be excused if you long for the last holiday in the sunshine you enjoyed in the Bel Paese.

Well, those days are not gone forever, if you ask me. I do love London and I will never get bored of this city. On the other hand, I am lucky I can just pack a light bag and be off.

You do not have to plan a long holiday in expensive hotels in major cities to enjoy a bit of Italy and its culture. When I was in my early twenties, with little money and no car, we used to spend a few days in Merano. We all loved hiking and were used to walk on the Dolomites in summer. Nowadays Merano is better know for its spa but it is possible just to go an visit the town for it stunning views of the Alps.

Merano is also a town where two traditions meet and co-exist: its 40,000 inhabitants of German and Italian mother tongues live peacefully together.

And if what I said is not enough to convince you, Merano boasts 300 days a year of sunshine!.

A presto, until my next entry about Merano!

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